Something a Little Different – Drip Cakes

5th July 2017

Long-gone are the days where the staple cake option was fruit cake+marzipan+royal icing. This definitely still has its place and I have no doubt it will be back in retro fashion with vengeance some time in the future (as will wedding dresses with puffy sleeves I’m sure…). But the wonderful thing about today is the options are literally endless in terms of the cakes you can have. If I went through all the options it would therefore be a very long blog post, so I thought today I would focus on a firm favourite of mine, and one of our most popular designs of the moment…the humble ‘drip cake’.

Drip cakes are basically cakes that are usually covered in a layer of buttercream, before having a ganache or sauce of some kind added on top. Typically these involve chocolate, but caramel is also really popular. You aren’t limited to shades of chocolate/caramel brown either, with a white chocolate ganache you can create all sorts of wonderful colours. Check out the beautiful work of the incredibly talented Katherine Sabbath on Instagram to see what I mean ( The Unbirthday Bakery also has some gorgeous creations

Once you have chosen the type of cake you would like (chocolate, lemon, tiramisu, raspberry…) and the drizzle, next is the best bit – the toppings! We love making meringues, nut brittles, chocolate shards and macaroons for this. But you can also add so many more things…your favourite sweets, popcorn, cookies, lollipops…let your imagination run wild!

These are a few of our recent drip cakes, to view more visit our gallery, and get in touch via our ‘contact us’ page to get creating your very own masterpiece!

Holly & Claire x

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