Hidden Surprise Cake

A cake in itself can be a big surprise (we once made a surprise wedding cake for someone!), but there are lots of other ways you can add an extra bit of drama or excitement to the cake cutting. How about gender reveal cakes or cupcakes…

We also get requests for hidden sweets in cakes, and this is something I remember fondly from childhood. The Barbie sticking out the top of the cake which formed her skirt? Sometimes (generally if the doll’s legs had been removed…) there were sweets hidden inside too. To remember that still now it really must have been good! 

I’m very happy to see this kind of sweet filled cake is still popular and we had a football themed one just the other week. We took some step by step pictures to show just what it looked like inside: 

Cut a hole in the middle of your layers, leaving one (which will be the top complete).
Stack them (on a cake board) to make sure the holes are in line and layer up with buttercream as normal. Fill with sweets of your choice.
Put the top layer on the cake and coat the cake in a thin layer of buttercream all over so it is ready for the fondant.

And the finished cake…

Football Cake

I am sure there are lots of other surprise fillings that could be incorporated into cakes…maybe one day we will be asked to hide an engagement ring in a cupcake!?

Get in touch via our Contact Us page if you would like us to help with any cake ideas you have 🙂 

Holly & Claire xx 

The Isle Bakery