BIG Little Cakes

Something we are getting several requests for lately is big versions of little cakes or treats. Up-scaling a biscuit or slice is a perfect way to share your favourite sweet treat with friends and family. Back in April we were asked to create an over-sized Lamington. This cake is popular in Australia, and is a buttery sponge covered in chocolate and shredded coconut. We always do practice runs to perfect these new cakes, and for this one we called in friends who had eaten a lot of Lamingtons to make ensure the flavour was spot on! 

Lamington Cake
Lamington Cake

We also created these ‘penguin’ style bars with chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with hazelnut praline and covered with thick milk chocolate…they went down a storm at a local book group! 

Homemade Chocolate Bars
Homemade Chocolate Bars

Another request we had a few weeks back was to create a GIANT vanilla slice. Pastry isn’t our usual medium of choice, but we do what we do because we love to cook so this just provided an opportunity to develop new skills and play in the kitchen! Several test batches later and we created this beauty: 

Large Vanilla Slice
Vanilla Slice

Maybe not quite the word’s largest…but still pretty big! 

It’s been a lot of fun creating these giant desserts, so get in touch via our Contact Us page if we can help you create a special over-sized treat for a special someone. Options are endless, and maybe one day we could be taking on the likes of this record breaking Jaffa Cake!!


Holly & Claire x