Airbrushed Badger Cake

Claire and I were very excited to get a new gadget at the Bakery recently – an airbrush! If you have watched the likes of Extreme Cake Makers or any other professional cake decorating programme you will probably have seen an airbrush at work. They are fantastic tools for getting variations in colour tones and texture. We have been honing our skills and last week took on our biggest project yet – a badger! 

A few people have asked us where do you even start with a cake like this, so we took pictures throughout to give a little ‘behind the scenes’ peek…

Normally the cakes that we carve are sponge cakes, but on this occasion the request was for a fruit cake, so we started off by creating the shape and glazing it in apricot jam to make sure the icing would stick to it well, does it look like a badger yet?! 









Then we added icing/fondant (no marzipan on this cake at the customer’s request). On the back, to achieve a smooth finish, we added 2 layers of icing. We altered the base colour of the head and the body to make sure we could get the bright white of the face coming through, and added extra white for the flashes around the face. The fur texture was added with what’s called a dresden tool: 

Then to keep the areas really bright white, and to get defined lines on the face, we held baking paper on the face so we could airbrush around it. 

Then for the aribrushing! I meant to get an action shot at this point, but we got a bit carried away and so the next picture is this one…

The textured fur really helps to add to the effect. With the airbrush you build up layers of colour and can vary the intensity by the distance from the cake and the airflow. The way you move the airbrush can also help to give lines and thus more texture.

Then for the eyes and nose which we added edible glaze to for a high gloss finish. Little white dots on the eyes bring our lovely little badger to life! 

More airbrushed creations to come! 

Holly & Claire x