A Day In The Life Of A Cake Baker

When I was little I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up and I always thought the choice would have been made easier by being able to get a glimpse of ‘a day in the life’ of different professions. This is why day 21 (‘Stories-a day in the life of’) of #Meetthemaker, an Instagram challenge to show the people behind businesses throughout March, really stood out to me. Today is a chance to get a true glimpse into other people’s careers and see what it is to be a baker, a clothes designer, a painter…

So a day in the life of The Isle Bakery. Well I probably will start like many others do by saying no 2 days are the same. We tend to work on a week cycle with cakes, plus both Claire I balance other commitments (family/second job) with running The Isle Bakery so our days can be VERY different. In addition what we do will vary so much depending on the type of orders but the sort of things that we would do on a day fully dedicated to running the bakery would look something like this…

  • Planning! We are juggling multiple orders all the time with new enquirers popping in our inbox all the time, so we have to be really organised. We plan the tasks to be done each day a week in advance, especially as we need to do some jobs ahead of assembling a cake e.g. figures that need to harden or a cake board that needs to be covered. At the start of each day we review the task list and divide out the tasks. 
  • If there is any baking to be done we will get going on that early as there is a lot of baking and cooling time to build in. 
  • Once cakes are baked and cooled we can get on to filling and covering them (with buttercream/ganache/sugarpaste etc.).
  • Then it’s time to assemble! Depending on the design this might be stacking/carving a cake and adding flowers/models, or it could be adding a chocolate drip to the cake with fresh fruit/meringues etc. 
  • On any one day we will be making/assembling several cakes and each one takes a minimum of 3 hours upwards. For really complex cakes it can take quite literally days of work to create the finished article. Always such a satisfying feeling seeing it all come together! 
  • Photo time! Once cakes are assembled we need to set them up for photos, then box them up ready for collection. 

Interspersed with all the baking/cake carving/recipe testing(!) we have to make sure we keep on top of enquiries and social media activity (and blogging!). Also, as with any business, there is lots of accounts admin to look after and stock ordering to sort and promotional work to organise.

Not quite ‘a day in the life of’, but hopefully a little window into what we do. Essentially there is a lot more to being a baker than the baking! And as much as creating gorgeous cakes is what we love most, all the other bits that go with it enable us to develop more skills and add even more variety to an already varied (and wonderful!) job.

Holly & Claire x